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Veliko Tŭrnovo FAQ

How easy is it to get around Veliko Tŭrnovo?

Veliko Tŭrnovo is a great place to explore and getting around the city is quite easy. There are plenty of buses, taxis, and trolleys that can take you wherever you need to go in the city. The public transportation system is reliable and affordable, so it’s an excellent way to move around town. Additionally, there are plenty of scenic routes with amazing views along the way if you want to explore by foot or bike.

Where to stay in Veliko Tŭrnovo?

Veliko Tŭrnovo has a variety of accommodation options to choose from. If you’re looking for comfort and convenience, there are plenty of hotels located in the city center which provide easy access to shopping, restaurants, and attractions. For a more unique experience, you may want to consider booking an apartment or villa in one of the nearby villages with breathtaking views of the mountains. Of course if you prefer something quieter and more rustic, there is also the option of renting out a traditional Bulgarian house surrounded by spectacular nature!

Whats Eating and drinking in Veliko Tŭrnovo like?

Eating and drinking in Veliko Tŭrnovo is a unique experience. The city has an array of restaurants that offer traditional Bulgarian cuisine, as well as international fare. There are also plenty of cafes and bars to choose from for coffee or drinks after dinner. You can find everything from cozy bistros with outdoor seating to lively pubs with live music. No matter what you’re looking for, Veliko Tŭrnovo has something for everyone when it comes to food and drink!

What is there to do in Veliko Tŭrnovo?

Veliko Tŭrnovo is a city in Bulgaria that offers plenty of things to do! The ancient capital is full of history and architecture, from the restored Tsarevets Fortress located on the hill above the city to medieval churches like St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral. You can explore cobblestone streets lined with outdoor cafes, shops, art galleries, and more. There are also plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking trails through forests or kayaking down the Yantra River. Whether you’re looking for culture or nature, Veliko Tŭrnovo has something for everyone!

How to get to Veliko Tŭrnovo?

To get to Veliko Tŭrnovo, you can take a car or bus. The fastest way is by car as it will only take around 5 hours. You’ll need to drive north on Highway A2 and then switch onto Road E85 when you reach Stara Zagora. Once you arrive in Veliko Tŭrnovo, there are plenty of parking spots nearby the city center. If traveling by bus, there are regular services that depart from Sofia which usually take 6-7 hours depending on traffic conditions.