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About Veliko Tŭrnovo

Veliko Tŭrnovo Bulgaria

Veliko Tŭrnovo, Bulgaria is an enchanting city in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. This stunning historic settlement has deep roots as a former capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire and today it boasts some of Europe’s most sublime architecture.

Visitors to Veliko Tŭrnovo will be captivated by its majestic fortress known as Tsarevets Hill that overlooks the Yantra River below. The fortification was home to Bulgarian monarchs for over 200 years and visitors can explore centuries-old ruins that remain within its walls. The impressive site also features proud monuments such as Baldwin’s Tower, where many important events in Bulgarian history occurred.

Behind these walls lies a picturesque old town with winding cobblestone streets lined with traditional homes from various eras throughout history – from Revival period mansions to Ottoman style residences. Visitors can wander around this charming area, taking in sights like Samovodska Charshia Street Market, which dates back centuries; or spend time admiring beautiful churches like Holy Forty Martyrs Church and St Peter & Paul Church both built during medieval times.